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...For the Military Chicks

Hot Military trend; I love these released by Chanel. Super Cute

Friday, September 23, 2011

Companies that hire at home telecommuters

Working from home...absolutely one of my favorite topics of all time. This hunt can be quite difficult. I read a Yahoo Article the other day; and it claimed that for every legitimate home business; there are 57 scams to go along with it. Another important thing is to educate yourself on the difference between a job and a business. A job should never cost money to get started. Examples of at home jobs are Cloud 10 and Arise. A business is different because you are generally working off commission and start-up fees are usually almost always required; however the IRS pays home business owners approximately $400 a month. What does that mean? That you can write off things such as internet, phone, mileage and so on. Who wouldn't love awesome tax deductions? Examples of home business would be companies such as Mary Kay, Tupperware, Avon, Private Quarters and so on. I hope this article helps you in your search; these are legitimate opportunities because I know I have researched over 10 different companies over the last 5 years and the search sure is not easy. There is so much "junk" on the internet such as those annoying surveys they claim will bring you in income; when all it does is provide you with tons of spam and about $10-$15 a month...or one of my favorite scams; "envelope stuffing." Remember; if it was all so easy...everyone would be doing it! It takes a lot more discipline to work from home than to have to go into work in an office type setting with a boss. Stay focused, work consistently and treat your at home job or business with respect...many people would love to be in your shoes!

The best one in my opinion:
They offer benefits, daily pay and much more really awesome perks. This is a business; not an actual job. You will own a franchise with the company. I love working with them! They have 2 positions open and there's not cold-calling or selling products.

* (Teletech)

Lindsay Lohan News - Lindsay Lohan Stuns in Black Halter Dress at amfAR Gala in Milan (PHOTOS) - Celebuzz

Lindsay Lohan News - Lindsay Lohan Stuns in Black Halter Dress at amfAR Gala in Milan (PHOTOS) - Celebuzz

I think Lindsay looks fabulous in her dress and she is really seeming to lay low lately! I wish the best for her. I know it must not be easy to have been in the public eye all her life and to of course be criticized for every action she does. I know many people her age party and drink nonstop; so I think it's unfair that she's looked as if she's doing horrid things...when many people her age make the same mistakes. I hope she does realize she's very fortunate to have the opportunites she has. I would not want to see her ending up like many young stars who don't clean up their acts in time. I really like her outfit in this photo; she looks very classy an I am sure she is working towards getting her career back and staying out of the drama and chaos. I think that with the right movie deal; she can win credibility back. Look at stars such as Nicole Richie, Kobe Bryant and so on. All in which have dealt with very public mishaps and poor choices in the past; but were able to bounce back and seem to do a lot better now. I wish Lindsay the best; she is looking fabulous already!

Friday, September 16, 2011

You don't know me (deployment poem)

You don't know, but I'm the girl who cries every night, and hopes every morning for his safe return.
I'm the girl who drags herself out of bed every morning so that he will be proud of her when he comes home.
I'm the girl who lies in bed longing for him to be lying next to me.
You don't know, but I'm the girl with a million things to say, but not one will come out without the thought of him.

I'm the girl who stops and stares and wishes for him to return soon each and every time another man in uniform walks by.
What you don't know is that I know love on an entirely different level from most.
I know the love that spans time and space; that love that most people are constantly searching for.
I'm one of the girls who waits months for a single kiss; a kiss that will make the months apart worth every second.
A kiss where everything in the world stops and for what seems like eternity, you can see into that person's soul and know that without them, life is not worth living.

You tell me I don't even understand what love is, I tell you, I know more love in one homecoming, than most know in a life time.
You don't know that every time he leaves, part of me goes with him and part of him stays with me.
You tell me that people change and I tell you, true love will always remain constant and steady.
You tell me you know how I feel and that you understand what I'm going through; you have no idea.
What you don't realize is that I understand the true meaning of not only love, but of longing and anticipation.
You don't see, but I'm one of the few who gets goose bumps as my heart fills with pride every time the National Anthem is played.
I'm one of the girls who will stand tall and stay strong on the outside, but be dying on the inside.

I am one of those girls who will make friends with complete strangers for only they can even begin to understand what I am going through.
You don't understand that I picture his face everywhere I go and that he is with me in everything I do.
You think I don't cry anymore, that I have gotten over it, but what you don't know is that I just hide it better.
You don't know the feeling the first time you hear the word deployment or the feeling of his hands as it slides out of yours for what could be the last time.
You don't know what that last hug or kiss means and how important that goodbye truly is.

I'm the girl you see walking by with a disheartened face staring silently at the ground.
What you don't know is, that I know true love and that no matter what obstacles we have to face, our love will live forever, that only we know.
You tell me that you support the troops; I tell you, I'm in love with one.
I'm one of the silent, but outgoing; weak, but strong; scared, but grateful.
What you don't see is that without me, he is nothing and without him, I am nothing.
I'm one of those girls; the girl who stands tall behind her Sailor, stands proud behind her Hero, stands strong behind her man, watching silently as he serves and defends our country.

--Author Unknown

You know you're dealing with a deployment when...

* You get nervous every time you hear the phone ring or a knock at the door
* You sleep with your cell phone on your pillow.

* The postal clerk knows you by name.
* You buy beef jerky every time you go to the grocery store.
* You check your email every 5 minutes, even in the middle of the night.
* You have enough priority boxes, packing tape and customs forms for his entire unit.
* You have a ton of friends with deployed soldiers you've never actually met because they're all online.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My bachelorette party pics

I never showed my bachelorette party photos so here they are. I had the party on June 3rd and we had a pink & black super sexy theme :) My friend had great decorations and we had fun at two local venues. I had a great time, ended the night with a double cheeseburger and then got to wake up to the love of my life coming home after I hadn't seen him since the last day of March. This is one whirlwind romance; but I wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe I met someone as spontaneous and such a firecracker like me. Here's some pics for fun! I am feeling too in love today to really blog about much else

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A blog this day while he is away...

Today I really miss my husband; a lot. I miss seeing him or little things like just going to lunch together. I miss all the annoying things he does like when he pays more attention to the tv show he's watching then when I'm talking to him at the same time :) ; or when I want it quiet and he like music on all the time. I miss a lot of things about him that he probably does not even notice about himself. I hate him being away but I guess life is not fair and at least he's doing something amazing and something very important. I know I am not alone either; I've met other fantastic ladies who are dealing with the same things or who have mastered the same things. I really think this deployment has taught me patience I never knew I had. I can't believe i've seen him about a week this entire year and it's almost my birthday about 4 weeks and I won't have him. He didn't have anyone on his birthday being overseas either;so I know it is a lot harder for him being there in a desert without family but I think maybe it will make us appreciate the time we do finally have together; once we are back together. It is weird hearing some girls complain about their boyfriends being gone for a weekend or week for business or such...I feel like saying wow, try them being gone for a year. But I know they just do not understand. And I understand everyone's life and circumstances are different for sure. Plus; I knew what I was getting myself into and I do not mind one bit. Deployment will not last for ever and I'm keeping my faith and one day we will be together again. Sometimes I wonder if things will be better when he's back; like he was never gone or if it will be a fresh new start that I would not mind either. As long as I am with him; it does not matter to me one bit. Sometimes I feel really selfish ever mentioning to him my problems or what is going on my life that's not perfect because I know he has a lot more stress and much bigger things to worry about. I've been 100% guilty of doing that this deployment, but I am young and new to this so I have realized that is not okay. When I talk to him for now on, it will only be about positive. I want to be the one phone call he can look forward to. My problems shouldn't matter when I should be his support system during this difficult time. I think attitude makes a huge difference. I have heard horror stories of deployment tearing lives and families apart and I don't wan to be that scenario at all. I know every relationship has its ups and downs but I want to be the best wife I can be and I know I still have a lot more to learn and a lot more to accomplish for myself so we can build a healthy, happy life together. I'm going to look on the bright side; because it could always be worse and I will feel so proud of him and myself when we get to finally see each other on the home coming day. I know everyday I'm filled with many different emotions from is he okay or if he's thinking about me...or what will we do when he is back or how will things be when he is back...but worrying is a sin in my eyes and I think whatever is meant to be; will be. I know many other ladies have had the same worries and I am not alone. I am going to be a better support system for him and be as indepedant as I can so he can trust that I will be fine while he's doing something honorable far away. I don't want to stress anyone out; especially him and I think things like that can really save relationships during deployments. This is our very first deployment and we have never even had a honey moon yet or a real bonding experience or relationship with all of this going on but it gives me something to look forward to every morning I wake up because it's a new day and a new day means one day closer to seeing him in person and I've had a lot of fun when I'd make him packages or get all dressed up just for a skype video chat with him. These are not the memories I planned but they are still our memories and I think it's an ultimate sacrifice to wait on someone and hope they still want you when they're back after a life-changing experience or waiting on them and hoping they'd do the same for you. A lot of people say love just is not enough but I think it truly is. I have never loved someone so much and I can't wait to be with him again.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Financial Fitness: 65 Places to Leave Your Business Cards

Financial Fitness: 65 Places to Leave Your Business Cards: Here is a list of 65 different kinds of places to advertise. Of course, you can always add to this list. Let your imagination go wild!

Financial Fitness: 65 Ways to Self Generate Leads

Financial Fitness: 65 Ways to Self Generate Leads: Here are 65 ideas for you on how to generate leads. Of course, there is no limit to the ideas a person could come up with.

Are Your Prepared If Your Computer Crashes?

Great Article! Something you should make sure you're on top of if your computer is one of your "babies" like mine is to me: ) I've heard so many people lose important photos, documents and so on. Make sure you're prepared!
Are Your Prepared If Your Computer Crashes?

Get more traffic to your website or blog today!

Get more traffic to your website! This site is a great business booster whether you have a website or blog! You can never do enough advertising!

Blogsvertise Ad Network

Supporting Military Businesses

Are you a military spouse or military family looking for free advertising or to just promote your business, network or get other business ideas? Then check out one of my favorite military facebook groups designed with you in mind; as a military spouse. Post your ads time-to-time and network with other military business owners!
We can now have more than one thing in common. Military, business, facebook AND networking! I love the support being a business owner and entrepreneur myself who enjoys free advertising.

Whether you are a military spouse/family member or not; feel free to 'like' my facebook page as well and promote your business on my networking page as well:

Free Subscription to Baby Talk Magazine

Great freebies for moms!
Free Subscription to Baby Talk Magazine

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Earn Money Working from Home: Customer Care Telecommuting Jobs Across the World

Earn Money Working from Home: Customer Care Telecommuting Jobs Across the World: Customer Care Job List: There are plenty of Customer Care online job opportunities to work from home for all people residing in US, both Non...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Building Your Business on a Budget

Learn how to build your party plan or any sort of business you own on a budget!
Tips from beginning to end on how to successfully market and create a successful business without breaking the bank.

Building Your Business on a Budget

Free online couponing classes

Free online couponing classes! Watch these videos for everything you need to know :)
Click Here for couponing classes

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Love this Quote

"The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions. It often proved fatal." ~David Brin

I guess it could either mean the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover," or you can just look at it as people make assumptions without educating themselves on the backstore or hardcore facts more...Whatever it may mean to the reader; It really sticks out to me. I'll for sure keep this in the back of the brain :) I love quotes. This one sticks out.

Little things make a BIG difference: Donate your coupons to Troops

Interested in helping? Every little bit is appreciated! Commissaries overseas accept expired coupons up to six months old. You can help by sending us your expired or non-expired coupons. We will organize and send them to our contacts at military bases overseas.

Send your coupons to:
Coups For Troops
PO Box 147
Winnabow NC 28479

Coups For Troops

Simple Way to Make an At-Home Bar

Create your own at-home bar w/elements you probably own already!

Custom Pet Clothing

Are you an animal lover like me? Then you are going to love these adorable custom clothes for the pet in your life!

Pet Clothing

Affordable Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare Programs

Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription & Chiropractic
Ameriplan Health® is the NUMBER ONE Discount Medical Program in the United States
When you are looking for great health coverage to protect the ones you love, Ameriplan® is your most important destination. Just take a look at the awesome features our health programs provide for you--and your entire house! Below are just a few of the savings waiting for you with your membership:
No Waiting Periods - Use your benefits right away - within 24 to 48 hours.
All pre-existing medical and dental conditions are covered (except orthodontic treatment already in progress).
No limits on number visits or services.
All specialists are included, including cosmetic surgery, teeth whitening and Lasik eye surgery.
NO Contracts - Month-to-Month plans. Cancel at anytime.
Dental Plus (with Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic) benefits is just $19.95/month for an entire household.
Medical with Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic is just $49.95/month.
If you'd like the full Medical with the Dental Plus, plus auto club, legal aid, and ID theft assistance, the cost is just $50/month.
Your membership fee is guaranteed for 2 full years. It will not go up in cost.

Comprehensive Medical Care
With more than 400,000 participating providers nationwide, Ameriplan Health® can provide you and your family with:
Physician, Ancillary, Services, Specialists and Hospital Advocacy benefits.
No pre-authorization for treatment required.
No exclusions on lab procedures. All laboratory tests are included. (Lab work, imaging, radiology and hearing services.)
All specialists are included, where available.
All ongoing medical problems are accepted. Cosmetic surgery included, such as eye lifts, face lifts and liposuction.
Hospital confinement (inpatient or outpatient services) covered through the Hospital Advocacy benefits.
No age limit. Includes newborn to geriatric care.

For Healthy Teeth and Gums
Substantial savings on your dental needs at any of our 33,000 providers nationwide.
Save 25% - 65% on all restorative and cosmetic work (fillings, crowns, braces, etc.)
Save up to 80% on preventative work (teeth cleaning, x-rays, etc.)
Specialist’s fees are discounted 25% (Periodontists, Endodontists, Pedontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists and Prosthodontists).
Cosmetic Dentistry Included! Such as bleaching or aesthetic bonded finishes in selected market and implants!
Braces for both adults and children are included!

Taking Care Of Your Precious Sight
More than 12,000 optical providers nationwide, including most national chains such as Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears and JC Penney accept our card.
Save from 20% to 60% on all frames, lenses, tints, scratch-resistant coatings and ultra-violet protection.
Save from 5% to 30% on ophthalmology eye exams and surgery (including RK and ALK). Get up to 60% off on contact lenses, including daily wear, extended wear, disposable, tinted, bifocals and gas permeable.
Lasik eye surgery included.
Save even more - up to 50% - on all non- prescription sunglasses, including famous brand names like Serengeti, Vuarnet, Police, Carerra, Christian Dior and many others.
Keeping Your Body In Total Alignment
As a member of Ameriplan®, your Chiropractor will reduce his rates up to 50%! Here's a short overview of some of the many savings our members enjoy:
Free initial exam.
50% off all diagnostic services.
50% off all required x-rays.
30% off all treatment and other services.
Stop Paying Full Price For Prescription Drugs
Our prescription drug card may be used at more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide, as well as through mail order. Shop at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS Pharmacy and most nationwide chains and receive substantial savings on your prescription medications.
Save up to 25% on most brand name prescription drugs.
Save up to 50% on most generic prescription drugs.
Includes special prescription monitoring service for individual drug history.
Special savings on mail order prescriptions.
When you add up the savings, it makes perfect sense to get Ameriplan® on your side. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to provide you with more details. If you're ready to enroll, contact me directly or by email.


Win prizes online!

Search & Win

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Home Based Business Tax Deductions

Home Based Business Tax Deductions
Running a home based business reaps many wonderful tax deductions that other businesses some times may not claim. Unfortunately to many small business owners end up paying the government taxes every year because they are unaware or several small business deductions that are available.

Most of the time any expenses that are related to your business can be added as a deduction on your taxes. If you do not pay taxes through out the year, deductions can help you from paying a large amount of taxes each year and can also adjust earned income. Try to avoid paying large amounts of taxes or owning any money by keeping track of simple things!

Each business is a bit different so be sure to mention these ideas to your tax advisor or accountant to see if your business can qualify for these deductions.

1- If you join any business or purchase into any franchise, the expenses such as kits, or franchise fees may be claimed as a deductions.

2- Business Supplies. Be sure to save all receipts for any supplies you purchase for your business use. Computer paper, business cards, pens, catalogs, or any items you purchase and use for your business.

3- Advertising- Most advertising can be claimed on your taxes. Keep all receipts for any newspaper ad’s you may run, or any advertising you do online. Advertising is a business expense and in most cases can be written off.

4- Items Given Away- Keep a list of any items you may give away, and the costs of these items. Most freebies may also be written off.

5- Phone bills and internet access- If you have a phone line for business use or have the internet in your home or office for business use, save all receipts for each bill paid. These items are business expenses and may also be written off.

6- An in home office- If you have an office in your home, make sure to let your tax advisor know. Using a room in your home as an office can also be added on taxes.

7- Long distance calls- If you make any long distance calls that are related to your business, make sure you keep all phone bills showing the calls and the amounts charged. If these calls are related to your work, the cost of the calls may also be written off in most cases.

8- Returned Checks and Bank Fees. If you incur and bounced checks from customers and can not collect on them, those amounts may be deducted, along with any fees you were charged from your bank. Be sure to keep the returned check, the letter from your bank and your bank statement to show the fee you were charged.

9- Postage- All postage costs paid by you or shipping fees may be claimed. Keep receipts for all shipping supplies, and postage.

10- Computers- If you purchase a new computer for business use, the cost of the computer may be claimed. You may also claim depreciation for 3 years after the computer was purchased.

Get more traffic to your blog!

free web site traffic and promotion

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The 10 Best (and Real) Work at Home Careers Plus The Top 10 Scams To Avoid

The 10 Best (and Real) Work at Home Careers
Plus The Top 10 Scams To Avoid

If you are still looking for the right work at home career opportunity, perhaps the information below from an article that appeared on Yahoo Finance can help. Did you know that for every one legitimate work from home opportunity there are 57 scams! No wonder why so many of us have been scammed, or are afraid of being scammed.

Franchise Owners of businesses in the health and wellness industry, which is what Ameriplan is, are considered to be one of the top 10 Best (and Real) Work-at-Home opportunities as stated by Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo Finance Top 10 Work At Home Careers:
10. Virtual Assistant - You must have experience in this field
9. Medical Transcriptionist - Beware of those offering Medical Transcriptionist courses for a fee, most are not legitimate. Also add extra caution; This home career makes the top 10 legit work at home list as well as the top 10 work at home scam list!!!
8. Translator - Those with fluency in more than one language translate audio files or documents.
7. Web Developer/Designer - You must have experience in this field
6. Call Center Representative - You would need to have a constant quiet environment to place or receive calls from
5. Tech Support Specialist - Some call centers also hire technical support specialists to work remotely.
4. Travel Agent - Be Careful as Scams abound in the travel industry. However some businesses many hire experienced Travel Agents to work from home.
3. Teacher - From post secondary education to elementary schools, there are opportunities for students to learn virtually. Along with that, come opportunities to teach (and tutor) virtually. Experience, a degree and proper state certifications and course requirements will be necessary for this home career.
2. Writer/Editor

And the NUMBER ONE Legitimate home career is.....

1. Franchise Owner
"It's a no-brainer: Owning a business can be the road to at-home work. For an initial small investment, sometimes as low as $100, franchises may offer a ready-made business with brand awareness and a proven system already in place. Leslie Truex, founder of a Work At Home Web Site advises us that considering businesses that target the over 50 crowd or the self-employed, businesses that involve health and wellness plans, or businesses that relate to the "green" movement are most successful!"
Legitimacy of a Company Should Be Your
Number One Priority!

AmeriPlan is located at 5700 Democracy Dr., Plano, Texas 75024. We are almost 20 years old with a proven track record for success! Below are just SOME of our NATIONAL partners and credentials.

Get ready to be impressed!

National Association of Dental Plans
Dunn and Bradstreet
Consumer Health Alliance
"A+" Rating with The Better Business Bureau
US Chamber of Commerce
Parent Magazine
US News and World Report
American Pregnancy Association
Morley Safer with 60 Minutes
Partnered with Dozens of Fortune 500 Companies Like - Sears, Target, Walmart, JCPenny's, Lenscrafters, Publix, Albertson's, Costco, Kmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and MORE
Partnership with the FBI (yes, this is true. One of the plans we offer Americans is in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - can't get more impressive than this now can it?)

Choosing the right business for a home career is very important. Because of this we believe that the most important thing for you at this point is to get all the information you can about working from home with Ameriplan. We want you to have all the details up front as well as have all your questions answered. For this reason we have created an informational overview website which goes over all of the details about working with Ameriplan. Please take a few moments to read this overview. Jot down all your questions as you read. Then, call me back and I will answer all of them for you. We can chat for a few minutes to see if Ameriplan is a good fit for you as well. If it is, we can get you started working right away. If it isn't, that's ok too. We want to make sure Ameriplan is a perfect fit for you! If for some reason it's not, hopefully we will part as friends. Either way we wish you all the best and much success and happiness in your future!
Don't Forget to scroll down to see the top 10 work at home scams!

I am making my dreams come true - I can help you achieve yours! Contact me if you would like to learn more, have questions, or want to get started working from home with Ameriplan too!

To your success!

Warm Regards,
Ameriplan Corporate Recruiter/Trainer
AIM: DAviaNewman

Toll Free: 8667398411
Direct Line: (405) 239-8171

Top 10 Work At Home Scams To Avoid

10. Craft Assembly

9. Medical Billing

8. Email/Rebate Processing

7. "A List of Companies Looking for Home workers!"

6. "Just pay for and take this class first” Then we’ll give or find you a job!

5. Envelope Stuffing

4. "Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!"

3. Pyramid Schemes (this is NOT the same as Multi-Level Marketing MLM)

2. Chain Letters/Emails ("Make Money Fast")

1. Typing At Home / Data Entry (HUGE SCAM)