Friday, January 13, 2012

Work at home opportunities

I hope this list helps many people! Keep in mind; these are all jobs/businesses that I've tried, tested, researched and received payment from. Yes; they are all real and legit. Some take much more work than others; some are more for the experienced internet marketer. My favorite are the top 2; It Works & Paparazzi Accessories. Click on the name of the business/company to go directly to their site.

It Works!
Car program you can earn, make $400+ per party, get paid 4 different ways, residual income, no experience required, set your own hours, work as little or as much as you want, great training and support provided. Debt-Free company.

Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories
No catalogs to buy. This is just like having your own boutique. If you already have your own business; this is a great add-on. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO PARTIES! /You can join this company for as little as $40; that is the fee if you do not want to buy a kit. Kit prices range from $300+. This company is incredible from their free websites to beautiful pieces and GREAT prices! Trips EVERY consultant can attend; no matter what your rank is. Everything is $5!

Instant Money Network
With this company; you are paid for anyone who signs up and completes 1+ free trials. It's very simple; I get at least 1-3 people who join with this daily. You can do this for free by signing up to do a free trial; then cancelling before your free trial is over. You only have to do your offer(s) ONCE! After that; you are paid anytime someone you refer does their offers so I just post ads and when people join; I get paid. Pay is DAILY! They payout very fast! You can get paid via pay-pal or direct deposit. Paypal can send you checks, a debit card or send the money to your bank account. You will also get great free training & a free website that does all the work for you as far as explaining how it all works. For more info; visit: and enter your information; an e-mail is then sent to you with all the instructions; make sure it does not hit your spam or junk mail folder. You can join this free. You must be at least 16.

Just like Instant Money network; I just realize Instant Money network pays our faster. ZNZ still offers daily pay however. You can join this free. You pick the payment option you wish on the first page, complete step one and two and then you get paid anytime does a free or paid offer. Do a free offer then cancel the trial before the trial's free period is up. Earn up to $90 per referral. Pay is daily.

Inbox Dollars
You get $5 for signing up. Do not expect to get rich from this; but it is an extra way to make some cash. I usually earn a few dollars a day because I have a lot of referrals on the site; for me it's extra gas money basically but you get paid to read their e-mails (0.02 per e-mail) and do their offers which you make a lot more doing. It takes about a month to get your first check; minimum payout $30. I earned my first payout in about 2 weeks. There is no cost to join.

Get paid to write reviews for websites
No cost to join. Minimum payout $15 by pay-pal or payza(both are free to join). You look at websites and must write at least 2 sentences as to what you think of the particular website. It is very simple. You will not get rich from this; but it is a little extra cash.

Cash Crate
Make money doing online surveys, completing online surveys or referring others

ATM Payday Loans

Loan company hiring at home referral agents; training provided. No experience required. Pay is on the 15th of every month via pay-pal. No cost to join. You are paid $40 per person who applies for a loan.

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