Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Facts about me

Facts about me!

I used to always want to be a teacher or broadcast journalist

Everyone calls me witty or very blunt & honest...too honest. Deep down; I am super sensitive and I want to be everyone's friends and make everyone happy. I'm the girl who will buy everyone a Christmas gift; even if I do not know you very well. I like to make people happy and I'm usually super friendly to everyone if I feel comfortable.

I used to be a cheerleading coach in highschool; and as a child I was on an all-star competitive cheerleading team. I made the jr. high cheer squad in 8th grade or so; but I was always ineligible and in trouble...so that did not fit too well with the "cheerleader" reputation & rules

I love reality tv! All of the shows people I know call so tacky; yet addictive...teen mom, jersey shore, 16 & pregnant, etc.

I am very sensitive and I love nice people. I am so sensitive that honestly whenever I watch tv; some scene usually makes me cry...I'm trying to be tougher!

I do modeling on the side; I've been in catalogs and I have done modeling & promotion work for Dillards, Budweiser, a Katy Perry Concert, a project runway contestant & more! I have even been a ring card girl for a few boxing events; locally and nationally. I plan on doing a lot more modeling soon; I've taken too much time off.

My personality is pretty much like my grandmothers...very sweet and giving...but don't piss her off; you will see her crazy side. I am working on being more calm however. I think with maturity; you don't let your crazy side show. I never want to be a pushover however.

I love to read and write...and I'm a complete internet addict!

I love couponing but I make such a mess with it!

I am a bit of a hoarder; I hate getting rid of things. I am much better however than I used to be. I realize I don't really miss things I thought i'd hate getting rid of.

I am super unorganized; but I need my closet to be organized; even by color-coordination.

My husband is a soldier; and he's hot.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Military Spouses; Interested in continuing your education?

Attention Military Spouses 
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