Monday, November 21, 2011

Pre-Deployment Checklist

Here is a large deployment checklist; however during my husband's deployment all i've ever needed was a POA (power of attorney), a copy of his orders, his social security number, his address of where he would be and my military ID. Many places would ask for his social; such as when I went to use TriCare and so on. Make sure you have all of the above AT LEAST; because you never know when you may need it for bills or emergencies. I also suggest having his Family Readiness Group's information on hand in case you'd like to be involved in the meetings or annoucements they may have. Most will even have an online group such as on facebook or twitter you can stay involved in. Many FRG's are amazing support systems when your loved one is deployed and the best thing abut these groups; are they are not limited to just spouses in most cases, you will find parents, grandparents in more. Not all FRG's are very active; but you want to have their information on hand just in case you have a question and can not get in touch with your deployed spouse or significant other. Keep in mind you may not hear from him/her for days or weeks in some cases so you want to be prepared. This is a very extensive check list but better safe than sorry and you can take care of  little as a time before deployment actually starts. It seems like everything that went wrong; went wrong while my husband has been away, such as things with my car or at the apartments I lived in. One day the air conditioner stopped working; my battery went dead in my never get a break in some cases :)

Family Checklist For Deployment

1. Do you know your Ombudsman's/FRG Leaders name and phone number?

2. Do you know your spouse's Social Security number?

3. Are you and your children registered in DEERS?

4. Is the emergency data page in his/her service record current and correct?

5. Is your ID card about to expire? Have you arranged for paperwork for an ID card for any child who will turn 10 years of age before the service member's return?

6. Do you understand the use of medical facilities and TRICARE.

7. Do you understand what the Ombudsman, FRG Leader, Fleet and Family Support Center, Red Cross, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Chaplains can do for you and how and when to contact them?

8. Do you have emergency contact numbers posted for quick reference?

9. Have children been included in discussion on where the parent is going, when he/she is coming home and why he/she is leaving?

10. Have you reached an agreementon frequency of letter writing or communication? Do you know your spouse's complete deployed address or email address?

11. Do you, your parents and your in-laws know how to reach you and your spouse in case of an emergency?

12. Have you discussed your feelings on the deployment and your spouse's return?

13. Have you discussed your spouse's feelings on the deployment and his/her return?

14. Have you prepared a comprehensive budget and have you agreed on how much each will spend?

15. Do you have an adequate allotment? Will it cover rent, utilities, grocery needs, bills and other expenditures?

16. Are checking and savings accounts in good order?

17. Are plans made for filing taxes?

18. Have you discussed a power of attorney? Do you need a special power of attorney to sign his/her name on income tax documents or to cash a return check? (Some banks won't cash a government check without a special power of attorney-a general power of attorney won't always do.)

19. Have you and your spouse made wills? Are they kept in a convenient place?

20. Do you know the process for moving your household goods?

21. Are instructions clear on pending family business? Are potential problems identified and potential solutions agreed upon?

22. Do you know where important family documents are?

23. Are insurance policies up to date and safeguarded?

24. Have you given your home a security checkup? Do all windows lock? Do the windows open or are they painted shut? What about door locks? Have you secured the outside buildings? Do you know the combunations or have the keys for those locks? Do you have a spare set of keys for all of your locks? 

25. Do you have and know how to test a smoke/CO2 detector? Do you have and know how to operate a fire extinguisher? Is it charged and up to date?

26. Do you know what to do or who to call if something in your home breaks? (Furnace, air conditioner, heater, hot water heater, kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, plumbing.)

27. Do you know where the fuse box or circuit breakers are and ho to change or reset them?

28. Do you know where your water main shut-off valve is located?

29. Has the car's maintenance been discussed? Who will you take it to for repairs?

30. Are auto inspections up to date or instructions left for updating them?

31. Is the base vehicle decal up to date? How about your vehicle(s) registration?

32. If the service member has a separate vehicle, look into lowering insurance premiums.

33. Do you know about your command's spouse support program?

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