Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Homecoming Outfits

In honor of the hopeful  end of this deployment; I figured I'd write about awesome looks for homecoming. This is a big thing to us spouses & girlfriends who get all dolled up just for our skype dates. So; homecoming is a big deal to us; for sure. I see many ladies asking "what should I wear for homecoming?" on many military spouse support pages I am on.  I know our solider's probably do not care if we showed up in sweatpants with no makeup; however to most girls; we seriously usually think a lot about them! My advice would to not overdo it; and wear something just incase you to run & jump in his arms :) If it's colder; wear something like a sweater dress, leggings and super cute boots. Dress it up with jewelry and beautiful makeup & hair. You do not want to look over done; but you can still look beautiful; this is a big day! Keep in mind his co-workers and many families will be there; with children so do not dress that for later. By the way; sexy lingerie to suprise him under your clothes will have him super excited! I have shared some of my favorite ideas; for both warmer & colder weather.

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  1. Love the last one. Looks "romantic" Love love love the pumps.