Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spice up your love life

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who doesn't want to spice up their love lives? Whether  you  are married, single or in a relationship there's nothing better than being comfortable with your sexuality and having lots of fun in the romance area. Spice up your life and treat yourself...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Easy meals!

If you are like me; you love to eat but you love easy to make meals. They have many mixes, breads, sauces, beverages and more!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My review on this Lisa Ling Special

I love Lisa Ling; I think she always comes off very kind, open-minded and really can make the people she interviews be more honest because Lisa doesn't just put them down or bash every second like many interviewers on television and radio these days. I do not have the OWN network; which is Oprah's fairly new own t.v. channel---Go Oprah. Anyhow; I noticed this clip online and found this very interesting. I am a very open person and feel that more women should be more comfortable with their sexuality as long as they're not doing anything illegal. What I did find strange is why these women would actually go on this show and now everyone will know. It won't be some big secret anymore; and it makes me feel bad for them because so many people who do not pay their bills of course...will judge them. Both of these couples showcases are married; and I feel as if they are okay with it; then why not? It's their income, their business and their lives. I think of course they should always be responsible with this but I honestly feel this is not a bad as many people may think. It is a lot safer than even cocktail waitressing in a bar I would think; men can't touch them doing this line of work either. Of course I do feel these women should use the money to make a better future; such as opening a business or even just saving it. I found this very interesting because honestly the idea of "sex" is everywhere. On commercials, in music appeal is everywhere and everyone has sex; I find it strange it is so frowned upon. I am totally against a lot of things; but I honestly feel there's nothing wrong with this line of work these women are doing; as long as it makes them happy. I just can't believe they'd go on national tv discussing it because I feel it would cause so many problems with them; and it is sad because the same people judging are probably doing other things that is wrong; so I say Go Girls; make your income and I applaud them for being so honest and open with Lisa about it. The sex industry is a billion dollar industry and is not going away ever; I just am not sure why it's so frowned upon if the adults are over age 18 and are just behind a camera....just my opinion

Excited (personal entry)

I started this blog not too long ago just to really explore my hobby of journaling...but taking it to another level. I have almost 1500 views and I'm super excited about that. I remember seeing my first follower list and it only said it's up to 28 and that means a lot to me; people really are following and really do care. I look on my link referral page and I have 10 people who have rated my, I have a rating of about 9.5 on my blog and that does mean a lot; this is just a hobby to me but I want to totally take it to the next level. I will start doing videos to add to my blog on really cool ideas ranging from care packages all the way to fashion. I am a total all-around type of girl with many interests and it's so fun getting to share them to an online community of networkers, military spouses, friends and followers. Rock on:)

"A Letter From A Soldier"

"A Letter From A Soldier"
Author: Jared Batchelor

I fight for you everyday
For your safety and freedom far, far away
Everyday I fear that it may be my last
Looking at what was important to me in the past

I choose this life, to fight
For your freedom, your eternal right
It gets lonely out in this far distant land
I have nothing but my gun and boots full of sand

I pray to Jesus each and every night
That he may shield me from this next fight
I live each day with fear of death
I never know when it will be my last breath

"Lets Move Out" says my captain
Always worried about what will happen
I get my gear and my gun
I ask myself "How much more, before this is done?"

Bullets and RPG's zooming past my head
I cant help but fear soon I will be dead
Each and every second of life i cherish
Because I never know when I will perish

A sound of gun shots all around
Bodies of young soldiers is all to be found
Bombs shattering the buildings apart
Mirror the pieces that are also my heart

Every dying soldier causes me to tremble
All the soldiers will start to assemble
The greatest gift I can give
Is to lay down my life so someone else may live

All those young men who did not come home
Also left their family and children all alone
I'm here safe and sound
Now with my family on my own ground

I pray for my fellow soldiers everyday
I ask the lord to reward them for what they had to pay
Show mercy to all those who fell
"lord, they have served their time in hell"

I write this letter to you and to all
To tell you about myself and those who answered the call
Together we will get it done, we America....
Are an army of one.

Realtors - Needing great gifts for your buyers or needing to spice up those vacant homes?

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Hope you have a fantastic day and I look forward to talking to you very soon!

D'Avia Newman
Scentsy Consultant
Toll Free: 1.866.739.8411

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to send in care packages...My ideas

I see a lot of ladies ask about what are good things to send in care packages, I find the only fun thing about deployment is making the packages. Keep in mind I am not a craft person by any means; if you need me to make a custom care package for you; let me know and I can. What are some neat things to send? I say basically anything non-perishable and anything that will not melt. Do not send foods and toiletries in the same box; especially in the hot weather and always make sure you fill out a customs form at the USPS, I've learned the hard way. Go to the USPS to send your packages; and use the priority shipping flat rate boxes; they will get there faster and are so much cheaper than regular boxes; you can even get them free at the USPS website; as many as you need.

What to send?
Beef Jerky
Gummi Bears
Tic Tacs or altoids- do not send stick gum, it will melt
Dip that is nonperishable or salsa in a jar
Pop Tarts
Granola Bars

Non-Food items---make sure you put it in a zip lock bags so it doesn't leak
Baby Wipes
Body Spray
Cigarettes if your soldier smokes
A fan because they're usually very expensive to buy where they are; they know the soldiers want them so will skyrocket the price

Again; a lot of these items can be bought where they are; but it's usually cheaper for me to send them versus him buying them there I hear.

A good idea is to go to a place like Walgreens and buy things on the shelves because they're nonperishable and easy to pack and ship :) I think it's need to add fun stuff in care packages as well such as photos, little games, a letter or something of yours he can hold onto there like maybe something with your scent on it or spray your perfume on your fave tshirt he loves to see you in :)

Another cool idea is to keep a journal and take turns writing in it. Maybe every 2 weeks switch off with your soldier and when it's your weeks; write it it as often as possible; then send it back for him to do the same. It will let him know your thoughts and days. If you have children and want your solider to know what your days are like; keep a wall calendar or tear-off calendar, anything easy to fold and send...write your activties on there such as "Jennys soccer practice" or "Marys Dr appointment."  Little things like that will really help your soldier feel apart of your lives or know everything that goes on. I know when we get those phone calls we are usually so excited and often forget to let them know about the details in our days. This is a good way to stay connected.

Great Military Spouse groups, websites and forums

I would like to share fabulous online military spouse groups that I've been so fortunate to be apart of. It is so nice to feel like you are not alone and we have so much fun discussing the pros and cons of military life, deployment, our soldiers and more. The groups are great and have really given me some light on many things; it is nice to meet other ladies; even if they are stationed in Germany or I find out they're local. Thank gosh for the internet! Here are some great military groups, forms and websites dedicated for the spouses; and some for the girlfriends or fiances :)     *This one is fab because they have a newsletter that I get via email approximately weekly, a forum that is somewhat active...but best of all a military spouse magazine; which is super cool because you can get it online if you're a "green gal" or you can get it via mail, of course. Really neat to know there's a magazine dedicated to us "mil spouses." One of my favorite features it Brittany Barlow's deployment diaries; I've talked to her on twitter and facebook; and thanked her so much for those weekly videos she makes, she is such a doll! Really nice to know she dedicates her time to give us some ideas, tips and comfort during deployments.    Oldie but goodie - More of a "resource" site in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 brag post for the day.

I felt like I'd make a little "brag" post. I just want to say how imporant I think friends are; it took me a long time to really find good friends but I'm so glad I have them; maybe it was just an age or maturity thing. I love being able to have mature friends who can still have fun and still be there for you; no matter what. It is nice to be able to relax with friends or just catch up with  girl talk or a fun evening out. I think friends are really so important; they really make a long work week worth it when you can see them to cheer you up. They are also there all the time to listen to me go on and on about my husband or this deployment; it's funny because I talk about him like he's here with me. I know it must drive them crazy. It's hard being home alone so it's awesome to be able to have such good friends. It's something I'm very thankful for; esp. since I'm an only child and never had siblings to really hang out with or talk to. 

The questions I get so much

"Oh, I just could never do what you do," "Do you miss him?" "What do you do while he's away that long,"  Some of the various questions I hate and I'm sure many other military spouses can relate. To us; this could be ignorant and even annoying questions to us. I always said I could never do this either; but it is his job, and he's not just out on vacation. He is doing something very courageous and honorable; so how could I not date, marry or love someone just because of his job. The army is really a way of life; and I do not find anything negative about what he's doing. I thought I could never do this either; but you would be surprise how strong you truly are when you have to be.  I was even asked by a very educated woman if I miss him two months ago. Wow. Of course I miss him; just like any girl would probably miss her spouse if they were gone a few days for a company trip or so..think of that; then times it by 20. That is how I feel. Not only do I have to worry about his safety, I think of the other families all over; and not just in the area he's at. I wonder what's next? Everytime I hear a knock at the door; I get paranoid thinking it's a chaplain or someone with bad news. Everytime I even go take a shower; I'm carrying my phone with me into the room in case he calls; I'd be miserable if I missed that call. And finally; what do I do while he's away. I take my husband's advice and live my life how I normally would...I hang out with friends as much as I can. I work from home with a wonderful company that can keep me busy if I let it ( I get to choose my own hours) and of course; I spend a lot of time writing him e-mails or just finding myself if that is what you'd like to call it. I dream about the future; I try to get out the house as much as possible and honestly; going places just is not as fun without him. Sometimes I even feel guilty because people may judge and think it's not very classy to go out with my girlfriends while my husband is deployed. I guess they think I should sit at home and cry. I do not go out much; but maybe once a week; even if it's just a friend's home. I think spouses really do need their friends a lot during times like this; especially when you are alone. I also have hobbies; such as modeling and working events or promotions as they come up. I do not feel like myself honestly without him here; but I do my best and that is all I can do honestly. There are good days and then there are those bad days which I have more of when I do not even want to get out of bed and I think about how much I hate this deployment stuff and how there must be a way they would not have to be away so long. Sometimes I even get dark thoughts like what would I do if something horrible happens or if that last time I kissed him or hugged him was the last time...but then I have to stop myself and realize that I'm being negative and there is no point in worrying; it will just prolong stress. I have to block out the bad stuff; and I think that is the whole moral of this story. Sure; this is hard and of course I miss him...yes I would much rather see him daily or be close to him all the time; but I play the cards I'm dealt and I'm very new to this lifestyle; it never gets easier but you learn how to cope and you really do learn what works for you in order to help you be as "normal" as you can be. It really is something you learn to live with; and you also learn to be strong, because that is your only choice.Me telling myself everyday I can not do this will not bring him home from this deployment faster; and honestly this has had pros just like cons...I've learned to be more independant and of course I've learned I'm so much stronger than I ever though :) Just what is on my mind today.