Thursday, April 19, 2012


    I have been in the dumps lately but things are getting a tad easier to deal with. My depression and anxiety had really hit a low point but luckilly I have good friends and I've learned to stay a lot busier with work, school, et cetera. I have a lot of reasons to be very sad lately however; but that is life and all I can do is be a survivor and keep moving on! :) One of my guilty pleasures is reality t.v.; so that is what I'd like to discuss. I'm a total reality t.v. junkie. My favorite shows are real housewives of Atlanta and basketball wives. The thing about the real housewives of Atlanta...none of them are housewives. They are all moms, but only one is an actual wife and a few were married in the past. With basketball wives; none are real basketball wives; most were engaged and a few were married to NBA players. Makes no sense to me; but I guess they still go along with the theme, sort of. I guess if they were once married to an NBA player; they can still have the title of basketball wives. I'd love a show about real army wives or real military wives. That would be a good show; I think one is in the works I've heard! Apparently they were or are filming in the San Diego area; but that can just be a rumor. I'd love for them to really spend time with military spouses dealing with deployment, traveling with their spouses or just raising a family and the ups and downs the military can bring. I love being a military spouse; but it's definatly a hard job in itself. There are perks at times; but everyday I also hear of soldiers dying and I know it's just very difficult and sad and lonely most of the time. Honestly; I would not trade being a military spouse for anything anyhow. I am proud and it's a tough thing to deal with. Anyhow; with the housewives of Atlanta, many people give Kim a hard time because she used to basically have a married sugar daddy and now she's apparently happily married to a NFL player who seems very mature, mellow and nice. A lot of people do not think she's deserving of him, and that maybe true but I think she may have needed someone like that in her life to get her on a right track and no one knows how people are when the cameras are not rolling. I am actually happy for her, Kim is my favorite on the show; however I do not agree with her getting tons of money and expensive gifts from a married man. I guess people can change and he must see something about her he loves obviously.