Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to send in care packages...My ideas

I see a lot of ladies ask about what are good things to send in care packages, I find the only fun thing about deployment is making the packages. Keep in mind I am not a craft person by any means; if you need me to make a custom care package for you; let me know and I can. What are some neat things to send? I say basically anything non-perishable and anything that will not melt. Do not send foods and toiletries in the same box; especially in the hot weather and always make sure you fill out a customs form at the USPS, I've learned the hard way. Go to the USPS to send your packages; and use the priority shipping flat rate boxes; they will get there faster and are so much cheaper than regular boxes; you can even get them free at the USPS website; as many as you need.

What to send?
Beef Jerky
Gummi Bears
Tic Tacs or altoids- do not send stick gum, it will melt
Dip that is nonperishable or salsa in a jar
Pop Tarts
Granola Bars

Non-Food items---make sure you put it in a zip lock bags so it doesn't leak
Baby Wipes
Body Spray
Cigarettes if your soldier smokes
A fan because they're usually very expensive to buy where they are; they know the soldiers want them so will skyrocket the price

Again; a lot of these items can be bought where they are; but it's usually cheaper for me to send them versus him buying them there I hear.

A good idea is to go to a place like Walgreens and buy things on the shelves because they're nonperishable and easy to pack and ship :) I think it's need to add fun stuff in care packages as well such as photos, little games, a letter or something of yours he can hold onto there like maybe something with your scent on it or spray your perfume on your fave tshirt he loves to see you in :)

Another cool idea is to keep a journal and take turns writing in it. Maybe every 2 weeks switch off with your soldier and when it's your weeks; write it it as often as possible; then send it back for him to do the same. It will let him know your thoughts and days. If you have children and want your solider to know what your days are like; keep a wall calendar or tear-off calendar, anything easy to fold and send...write your activties on there such as "Jennys soccer practice" or "Marys Dr appointment."  Little things like that will really help your soldier feel apart of your lives or know everything that goes on. I know when we get those phone calls we are usually so excited and often forget to let them know about the details in our days. This is a good way to stay connected.


  1. your care package boxes look amazing... mine didn't turn out so well. lol I will be posting it on my blog soon. lol. I am sending him a Christmas care package. I might be too late though.

  2. You will get the hang of it; mine are not the best but its always the thought that counts for sure :) I make them custom for people who request as well; I charge $30 for a large one, you customize the note and items and colors or theme. That includes shipping; if anyone is interested, email You can pay check, money order, paypal, alert pay or payoneer.