Thursday, December 15, 2011

40 People Say A Lubbock Woman Scammed Them Out Of Thousands

A few days ago I was approached by a newcaster who was interested in doing a story on a problem I was having. One day on facebook I got a friend request from a "business" titled Marcys Closet...yes; without the apostrophe. I noticed we had many mutual friends of military wives and support groups for the troops. I know a lot of military wives, girlfriends,etc. advertise and support among each other so I approved her request and checked out her page. She sold a lot of things and I placed an order and never got my items. She would then not anwser her e-mails and block ladies who ordered from her; some order totaling over 2K. My order was pretty small; however it's wrong she was targetting women, military spouses and anyone around the holidays especially. So many ladies have not gotten refunds; yet some were only able to through paypal if they used that as a payment method. She goes by a few different names such as Marcella, Marcy and numerous facebook names and pages...most around the name of Affordable fashionista, material girl fashion,etc.
She never once apologized or did anything except make excuses. She would say she had a miscarriage the day before, or the items we ordered were in a shed and would be was just all sick lies; especially the ones about her children. When I first ordered I thought things were sort of fishy because I got a fake tracking number and then suddenly on her page I noticed people were asking for the correct tracking numbers and she would soon delete them from her page. I decided to contact those ladies and we all compared evidence, stories and so on. I realized I had been scammed; and the sad part is that after many of us confronted her; she was still opening new pages and scamming new people. She even had the nerve to go under the name of Material Girl Fshn next and post she's selling things to donate to the troops...sick. Again; my order was fairly small (under $100) but my husband is deployed, we are young newlyweds, and he works very hard for his money. If I wanted to give away money; It would not be to a scam. I trusted her because she claimed she was a marines' girlfriend and she posted lots of photos of her merch and I have the messages even saved where she claimed that my order would not take long and it was shipped on a certain careful ladies; I guess there are monsters who love to target military spouses. Of course; she did not only target spouses of troops; some were local ladies in her area she'd even send an assistant to pick up money from; promising them their orders once they arrived. I have yet to get my refund back.
40 People Say A Lubbock Woman Scammed Them Out Of Thousands

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