Saturday, October 13, 2012

Closet must-haves

Black slacks; perfect for a date night or job interview

Plain white top; perfect for errands or to wear under a blazer or sweater

Denim jacket;I prefer the crop style so it looks more stylish

Red or white sundress. You can't go wrong with a sundress; especially one in one of those colors

Black sweater; perfect to throw over tanks for more coverage

Black classy dress; Perfect for a job interview or a night for cocktails with work colleagues.

Blue jeans that are classic; no holes. Great for casual Friday at the job or to run errands.

Black sexier dress for the infamous girls night outs

Decorative jeans. These are always my favorite because they'll make a casual look look much more sexier

Black yoga pants; they're comfy and great for errands, lounging or the gym. Not to mention they're super sexy compared to plain sweats.

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