Sunday, December 11, 2011

...Fun date ideas!

In need of new and fun date ideas? Check out my ideas below! I was planning ideas of what to do when my husband gets back this triggered my idea for a new blog post as well

  1. Couples Massage
  2. Museum
  3. Aquarium
  4. Picnic
  5. Game night...twister,uno,etc. with a bottle of wine
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Lock yourselves in a hotel room and order takeout or room service
  8. Spend an entire day watching a tv series season on DVD
  9. Go to a new restaurant you've never been to before and end the night with a carriage ride
  10. Horse back riding
  11. Rollerskating or ice skating
  12. Rent a cabin for the weekend
  13. Take a roadtrip to a new city you've never been to before
  14. Visit a local vineyard or wine tasting class
  15. Go on a hot air balloon ride together
  16. Take a limo to a professional NBA or NFL game!
  17. Take a fitness class together
  18. Find a couple to double date with!
  19. Visit a local adult toy shop and pick out goodies for each other
  20. Spend a night visiting as many local bars you've never been to before
  21. Find local couples workshops to visit
  22. Visit a pottery class and make a new art piece for each other

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  1. These are good ideas. I was just looking for something like this on Friday. Thanks.