Friday, March 16, 2012

Friendship weekend

   This weekend I will be celebrating with my best friends. I want to express how lucky I am to have the friends I do. I would think I am a pretty good judge of character; but these people are great. I see some people whose friends date their exes, never include them, and only want to "party." I love friends who are there when you are broke, when you are in the hospital, when you are sick and when you just need to vent. I have the best friends ever and everyday they amaze me at how caring and loyal they are. My friend's bday is this weekend and i'm sad it will be all couples; since my man is still deployed. That is okay though; because deep down I know he'd want me to have fun every once in awhile. I know If he were here; he would come along and when he's here I will not ever have to go places alone anymore. I love him more each day. I am ready for a nice weekend; I've been working hard since Jan. with this new job...I work as a program advisor for an online school for military spouses and I love it. I get to work from home! Once me and my husband move; I will be able to do my direct sales home party businesses get out of the house and of course help my husband financially as much as possible. I want us to be able to have a lot of money saved for emergencies and to just help him. He is such a hard worker and that is another reason I love him so much. I respect his work ethic completely. He doesn't understand really why I love home businesses but I do it for us too. I always want to be the stay at home mommy who is making wonderful income but never misses her daughters dance recitals or any of her sons baseball games. I want to be the PTA mom who is always there. I know many parents work hard and unfortuantly miss out of their childrens events or activities and I know people have to work; but for me; I am going to always do home businesses only. I think having a home business is actually more difficult. It does usually require more discipline and most are in sales which is very stressful at times. I am glad I do not have to ''sell,'' I just help military spouses get started in education and I give them the basic information; if they choose to get started; the company helps them from there. I post ads and just let them know they can possibly attend our courses; with tuition free. I feel proud of myself because many people let these benefits go to waste because they do not know of them. Anyhow; we are going to celebrate my friends bday and just have some much-needed friend time. All of us have men we love dearly so do not spend as much time together as we used to. I am excited to hang out with them. I am a firm believer in keeping your friendships healthy; just as you would a marriage. Of course; a marriage is much more serious most of the time....but I believe in really appreciating good friends as well and always being there for them too! I hate being away from my husband but I know that soon we'll get to spend all the missed outings, holidays.etc. together and I can not wait!

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