Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My first post

This is exciting! I've always wanted a blog; but with the firecracker I am; I know it must be fantastic. A little about me. I'm a young army wife early; so I wanted a blog filled with helpful resources for other military matter the branch. I am also a normal girl and not the typical military wife...or even the typical woman for that matter;but I've learned to embrace that side of me. I am a fashionista, frugalista, business-savvy,shop-a-holic, free-spirit. My husband sband is very smart, funny and my best friend. He helps keep me in line...and I need that at times. I have a great group of friends and some of my hobbies include dancing, going out to eat, couponing, watching reality tv and I'm a total internet addict and history buff. I hope this blog helps you as I search for helpful information over all my favorite topics: freebies,saving you money, working from home, fashion,entertainment and of course; my main priority...helping all the other military wives with the information as I learn it. I am a former competitive cheerleader; so I love staying active. I usually do this by going out dancing with my best girl friends as much as I can when my husband can tag along. Working out is just too boring to me. I am not very domestic and this is my husband's first deployment...and I've only been married almost 2 months so my goal is share my whole growing up experience with you all. That alone should be exciting. I have a huge interest in working from home; so I'll share all my research and experience as well. For work; I do modeling and promotions. I have done work for Dillards, Axe, A project runway contestant, Mattel and many more clients. I love modeling and plan to do it as long as I can. In the meantime; watch me grow as a person and also find my perfect home based business, become a better wife and give you some laughs along the way with this crazy,beautiful thing called life.

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