Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work at home businesses research

I am the girl whose literally tried every home based business there is; practically. I put much effort into them all.  At least I can help others now. Please know these are just my opinions and just my experience. I am very blunt with a fun sense of humor; I like to treat everyone as a good friend so please excuse my language in some cases. I just get straight to the point. A little about me. I am in my early twenties; I am an army wife. I married my best friend the day before he left for deployment. I've seen him literally about a week or less this year (2011). So this is defiantly true love. I don't think I could do this for anyone else. I'm so proud of him and I love him more than anything. He's amazing and we really are very alike in many ways and he's always helped me when I needed anything. I met him less than a year ago; we got married June 6, 2011. We do not have any children together but once I’m a little older; I would love to be a mom. I just want to make sure it is the right timing so I can have a business from home and be home with my children so daycare is not raising them. I was born to be a mother; I can’t wait to even breast feed, be a PTA mom and all that fun stuff. I do lots of modeling and promotional events. I've always been the girl who loves fashion ,make up, decorating, being pampered and so on so modeling is my other love of my life; besides my husband....hehe. I have done work for budweiser, dillards, axe, project runway Johnathan Kayne and so on. I've even shot a catalog with more to come. I plan on modeling as long as I can.I love event planning so I do brand ambassador work and lots of club promos and so on. I would even love to open a night club one day filled with beautiful go-go dancers, awesome lights and very upscale furniture. I was the girl who'd run to the store and buy invitations and plan a party for literally any occasion I could think of.  My other passion is writing. I absolutely love writing; reading and learning so I knew a blog would be perfect for me. I'm the girl who is addicted to the internet and her computer; I am literally on it all day. My addiction =) I've always wanted to write a book also and even create a teenage book series. I am an only child; I want about 4 children one day. I love being married, I love animals...I want a teacup Maltese very bad. I am a former competitive cheerleader. I loved the sport; competing....the spotlights...dancing...the uniforms, you name it. I enjoyed every bit of it. I went to cosmetology school but realized it just wasn't my thing...I love learning about history...especially the titanic! My dream job would be researching the titanic. If that even is a full time job. I am very intrigued by home based businesses and the fact people all over all really generating income from home…some even making six figures or more from home. I’ve tried various companies and I have even fallen for a few scams so maybe my blog will at least help some people from making my same mistakes or at least give them another person’s opinion.

Slumber Parties was fun, I enjoy the topic of relationships and sex so this business was perfect for me. I did well, I was a team leader within my first month and it was super easy recruiting for them, but the lowest kit was $250 so more people would've signed up if the kit fee was not so much. It comes with about $500 worth of products and business supplies but keep in mind people come to sex toy parties to see sex toys. The smallest kit came with barely any toys...about 1 or 2 and the rest were the lotions, edible items, gag gifts, etc. so it’s always smart to add as many toys to your kit as possible. All the ladies who I know who bought the most expensive kit never suggested that, they always suggested the medium kit for the best deal; then add on more toys. The company was a bit stuck up however; for example it seemed everyone worshipped one particular woman who was a top-dog in the business and I remember asking to join her yahoo group with training and such. They called us slumber shouldn’t training be available to all slumber sisters whether or not that team leader profits from me. However, I was told since I wasn't in her down line I couldn't join. I thought that was ridiculous. They do make their packaging much more classy however than some romance companies who just leave items in the original packaging with a ladies legs spread or some pornographic box or so, hehe. What they do is buy the items and put their labels on them and such and remember, most companies in this industry use the same products...such as the famous coochy shave cream...sold by most romance companies....the companies just put their labels on it and sell it. Some change the names but they are the exact products I've noticed. They also offer lifetime warranties on their items. You could also buy lots of lingerie and sale it for whatever price you pick; ones that aren’t in the catalog that is. The hostess program was 10% of the party sales. These parties are easy to book because they're actually fun. It’s not like the party where your husband says only spend ten bucks.hehe. They usually are telling their women to load up on good stuff, so that is a plus. I would do bridal shower and bachelorette parties; but they always sucked being most of the guests would say they already purchased something for the bride-to-be so they wouldn't order generally. I would also be used for entertainment. Being, many people would book these parties more for fun and laughs; not really to purchase. But that could be for any party...the host felt pressured, she didn’t invite enough people or she only invited who she thought would be into that stuff because she didn't want to offend her church friend or so. I enjoyed them and would do parties 3-4 times a week after about 2 months. I was doing very well but the money isn't really good if you don’t have inventory on hand, because all the profit was getting eaten up shipping the items after I did my orders. The payout percentage was good, 40% when I was with them and of course you get down line pay checks monthly. For your parties; you are paid the night of the party; then you place the orders online and the items are shipped to you. A downside is because it's related to sex; you can't really market it to that many places as you could with another business. For example, I wanted a booth at the local bridal show to market bachelorette parties. Of course; I wouldn't bring over the dildos and place them on my table...I would just bring a flier or classy business cards...but still; the bridal show was against the idea. I also couldn't sale or advertise at craft shows and expos and such since children or so would be there. Also; these parties are for ladies only; so some guests would complain about that too but I liked that idea. Men would probably make most women feel uncomfortable discussing their sex lives.
Mary Kay- I love makeup and I loved Mary Kay's 50% payout percentage. I tried this business about 3 times. The kit comes with pretty much everything you need to do facials as they call it. I just was always scared about having people try the items on their never know if they'd break out or want to sue you if something happened to their skin and they blamed Mary Kay or you for it. So do not ever touch their face unless you are a licensed esthetician and you should be fine. I really just didn't feel too passionate about selling Mary Kay because honestly when people hear Mary Kay; not too many get excited. Of course when they try the items; they usually always find something they love but it's expensive and usually stuff they can find at their local drug store or Target for much cheaper. I just felt bad trying to sell a $15 eye shadow or so to someone. I do love the products, but honestly; I can buy them all on eBay for much cheaper. It was always hard trying to get people over for a Mary Kay Party as well. So I think the hint would be to tell them you are doing facials and not really mentioning the product name. Most people automatically stereotype Mary Kay with being boring or such. Plus, most people who you recruit generally do not stay in the business due to complaints of it being over saturated or hard to sell...
Arbonne- Very saturated in my area; I love that the products are all natural but they are expensive so honestly my friends would generally not buy things and at parties; I never would get any sales unless it was a thing or two. Then again; most of my friends are struggling college students so can't really afford to spend sixty bucks on a firming cream and such. They do have nutrition; makeup and skin care so you can do nutrition parties, makeup parties or spa that's a plus. They offer a Mercedes program too which is based off your sales; not how much you are recruiting so that's also a good thing.
Booty Parlor Parties- I am actually embarrassed I even signed up with a company with that name. The products are cute, and I’m not sure if they still have a home party plan. I believe they just sell in certain stores and on their website now. They are another romance company, only 25% profit unless you recruit and work your way up. The products are mostly all pink, they are all cute. Another romance company. I had a horrible experience with their customer service and the ordering sucks frankly. You enter your parties and enter all the customers’ payment info. If one credit card from a customer didn’t work; you couldn’t do the entire order. It was not like most companies where you deposit the money in your account; then pay. Their structure was very frustrating. You also had to wait on a paycheck, I believe it was monthly. It’s been about 2 or 3 years since I was with them. I recruited one lady my first month; and the parties are fun but I had a lot of people make fun of the name of the company or some who felt it just wasn’t too classy of a name. Their products are also sold at Victoria’s Secret…some are; that is the tame items like some lotions and body creams.  
Barefoot Books - You can do book fairs, home parties, fundraisers, etc. so that's a plus. I love books and I love that this business was free to join. I am still new to this business so still feeling it out. So far; customer service hasn't responded to my emails in 2 days since I've joined and I have yet to hear from my sponsoring up line since I've joined. A welcome e-mail would have been nice from my up line at least.

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