Monday, November 7, 2011

The best reasons I love to work at home

Best reasons to work from home
I feel so blessed to be working from home after so much time I spent looking for great opportunities; I wanted to share my favorite parts of working from home. The list could go on forever; but I wanted to share my absolute favorite key parts.
~ No sitting in traffic! I love not having to rush in traffic or sit in way during rush hour on the way home.
~ Saving tons of money! I do not have to pay for the gas for work, work lunches or coffee, work uniforms or outfits, etc.    All of those expenses truly add up!
~ I make money staying home around tax season; the IRS pays home business owners approximately $400 a month. When I work from home; I get to write off things such as internet, cell phone, mileage and much more. One of my team members made $5,100 last tax season!
~ I won’t ever have to put my child in daycare; I will be able to be a stay at home mom and not miss any special moments. Plus; it is so hard finding a childcare facility you can trust or a babysitter you can depend on. I personally would not ever want or trust anyone else taking care of my child; so this is my favorite part.
~ My company offers benefits; much more than my husband’s job offers. We also offer daily pay, residual income, 401K, great training, two separate positions to choose from and more. I’ve been very lucky to find the company I am with.
~ My husband is deployed currently and I was always very worried about missing his phone calls If I had a normal job where I could not have my phone on me or could not talk to him; now I can do what I want and never miss his calls.
~ I get to work in my pjs! Literally! I don’t have to spend an hour rushing to get ready for work; putting on makeup, straightening my hair and so on. I can get dressed whenever I get time and not have to even get out of my pajamas if I do not want to. I love this freedom; this is one of my favorites.
~ Financial freedom; I am working on building my own business…some people are lazy or think it maybe a waste of time; but we are a company almost 20 years old and we are a debt-free company with a service people need. The time will pass by anyhow; and I’d much rather work for myself then waste the time working for someone else. It is such a great accomplishment to know my checks will keep growing each month; and this is my very own business!
~ More than money: Working from home is not just for money with me. It has taught me discipline, internet marketing strategies, and has really given my self-confidence a nice boost. Reaching promotions with my company is great being most jobs really do not reward you for the efforts. Now I get to give myself a raise whenever I need and the work I do truly pays off.

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