Monday, November 7, 2011


As your all may know I am a scentsy addict; so therefore I sell scentsy on the side from home and it’s a fun business with really awesome products. I have my main home business; and this Is something fun I do on the side and I am having a blast with it. Top reasons to have scentsy wickless candles are because they are so much safer than having open flames and regular candles in your home; especially if you have children and/or pets. Scentsy are so much more decorative looking compared to plain old jar candles. Our candles are food-based; meaning they are safe in case your pet or child would accidently eat them. Of course we would never condone eating these; you just have a peace of mind knowing these are much safer. Regular candles have smoke and can be so dangerous; the other day in my hometown we actually had a earthquake that was rated over 5 on the scale; it literally made things in many people’s homes fall off shelves and made our TV rattle personally. If someone had a candle; it would have fallen and caused a fire most likely. With scentsy; you will not have those problems! Please visit my personal website to shop, host a home or online party, book a fundraiser or join my scentsy team. We also have holiday items and children’s items such as our scentsy buddy:

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