Sunday, November 27, 2011

A new show to add to your list

Anyone see this promo picture for T.I. and his business savvy wife Tiny's new show? I had no idea they had this many children; but I'm sure they are a blended family. Super cute picture but they have got to have nannies I'm sure; this must be a very busy household! Anyhow; I will be tuning in...I think T.I. is the only cute rapper out honestly and It would be interesting to see how they juggle so many children and two seperate careers. I really like how this couple is still together after going through a lot; I hope they discuss those allegation of 2 things I am curious to hear about as being a jail sexual time...and one was a drug allegation of the couple. I'd like to see what happens...of course what you read and hear is not always true. I doubt they will discuss that...but I love reality TV;so this will be super fun to add to the mix. Could you imagine being a famous rapper's kid? They probably have beamers by the time they are in junior high! This will air on VH1; Dec 5...mark your calendars! Regardless of what anyone thinks; I think it's awesome they are one of the few long-lasting couples in Hollywood.

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  1. Dang I didn't realize they had that many kids neither. I can't stand Tiny's voice but I will be tuning in as well lol!