Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple tips to spice up your love life this week

Simple tips to spice up your love life this week:
  • Hand written cards and letters are my absolute favorite way to really make a day brighter. With technology these days; many people do not realize how beautiful a handwritten letter can be. Want to spice it up? Spray your fragrance your significant other loves you to wear
  • Getting your favorite photos blown up and hung on the walls; or in an album for the other to keep. I like this idea because you can get a sharpie and write a personal message in the corner or on the back. Photos are memories that last forever and are a constant reminder of a fun memory or good time in your life. Make sure the memory was nice! Sending a hot photo of yourself that your ex girlfriend or ex fiancĂ© took of you probably will not do the trick; therefore, don’t be a narcissist and get one of just you two that you both look good in. 
  • Make a cd of all their favorite songs or get them an ipod loaded with their favorite songs. Music generally makes everyone happy; but the key point is to make sure you add songs they like. Just because you love rocking out to your favorite techno hits; does not mean your significant other does.
  • A surprise for no occasion; you do not have to break the bank with this idea. Great ideas would be cooking a dinner that actually takes a bit more effort; snagging your man tickets to his favorite sports team game, or if you are a man, bringing her home that new pair of stiletto’s she’s been eyeing at the mall or bring her one single rose. One single rose is truly underestimated; I think it’s a simple way to say I love you or “I am thinking of you and stopped to bring you this.” These little things are what gets the other one hot and bothered. 
  • Spice it up! What does this mean; sick of the same 3 positions? Yes; there are way more than three! Surprise your significant other with a trip to a romance shop or make an appointment with a romance consultant to add bedroom accessories to your intimate life. Many people get the bad idea of these; and thing they may be too hardcore and trashy. Not all bedroom accessories have a woman spread eagle on the box or are whips ‘n cuffs. Perhaps trying some new flavored lube in strawberry or cotton candy, edible body glitter or even some super hot lingerie that shows off your best feautures. Do not like your mid-section? Try a hot corset that shows off your cleavage then. Men can totally have fun with toys without having to get the creepy items as I like to call it such as blow-up down Sally or jenna jameson’s vagina mold. Great ideas for the men would be to try out couple’s toys. Couples toys generally include a cock ring which helps the guy last longer by constricting blood flow; which will be a super treat for her in most cases. My favorite classy adult companies to shop from are; and A must have from both of these companies? Coochy shaving cream. Trust me; this one gets rave reviews and is a top selling product with both companies.
  • Have children? Surprise your other half by hiring a sitter for the night and doing something you do not get to do much; like going to a museum or visiting a restaurant you always drive by and want to visit. Make sure you make the outing about you both; and not just about you however. Maybe you pick the restaurant and they pick the desert location. Regardless; just getting out alone together unexpected is a super pleasant surprise.
  • No cellphone zone: Agree on a certain day of the week where you only anwser your phones for emergencies; turn off your phones, laptops and just spend quiet time alone! This is great because you can actually be creative of things to do instead of paying more attention to what's going on with your favorite social networking site or which one of your friends is uploading photos from their drunken weekend. You can use the night to talk, play games or rent a movie together.
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