Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excited (personal entry)

I started this blog not too long ago just to really explore my hobby of journaling...but taking it to another level. I have almost 1500 views and I'm super excited about that. I remember seeing my first follower list and it only said it's up to 28 and that means a lot to me; people really are following and really do care. I look on my link referral page and I have 10 people who have rated my, I have a rating of about 9.5 on my blog and that does mean a lot; this is just a hobby to me but I want to totally take it to the next level. I will start doing videos to add to my blog on really cool ideas ranging from care packages all the way to fashion. I am a total all-around type of girl with many interests and it's so fun getting to share them to an online community of networkers, military spouses, friends and followers. Rock on:)

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