Thursday, October 27, 2011

My review on this Lisa Ling Special

I love Lisa Ling; I think she always comes off very kind, open-minded and really can make the people she interviews be more honest because Lisa doesn't just put them down or bash every second like many interviewers on television and radio these days. I do not have the OWN network; which is Oprah's fairly new own t.v. channel---Go Oprah. Anyhow; I noticed this clip online and found this very interesting. I am a very open person and feel that more women should be more comfortable with their sexuality as long as they're not doing anything illegal. What I did find strange is why these women would actually go on this show and now everyone will know. It won't be some big secret anymore; and it makes me feel bad for them because so many people who do not pay their bills of course...will judge them. Both of these couples showcases are married; and I feel as if they are okay with it; then why not? It's their income, their business and their lives. I think of course they should always be responsible with this but I honestly feel this is not a bad as many people may think. It is a lot safer than even cocktail waitressing in a bar I would think; men can't touch them doing this line of work either. Of course I do feel these women should use the money to make a better future; such as opening a business or even just saving it. I found this very interesting because honestly the idea of "sex" is everywhere. On commercials, in music appeal is everywhere and everyone has sex; I find it strange it is so frowned upon. I am totally against a lot of things; but I honestly feel there's nothing wrong with this line of work these women are doing; as long as it makes them happy. I just can't believe they'd go on national tv discussing it because I feel it would cause so many problems with them; and it is sad because the same people judging are probably doing other things that is wrong; so I say Go Girls; make your income and I applaud them for being so honest and open with Lisa about it. The sex industry is a billion dollar industry and is not going away ever; I just am not sure why it's so frowned upon if the adults are over age 18 and are just behind a camera....just my opinion

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