Thursday, October 27, 2011

Realtors - Needing great gifts for your buyers or needing to spice up those vacant homes?

Thank you so much for taking the time to open my letter and read this. I am hoping that Scentsy catches your interest and we can work together to help build BOTH of our client base.

Scentsy makes a great gift to give your buyers, think of it as the gift that keeps giving. When showing an occupied home you can have the current resident ‘warm’ Scentsy’s inviting scents to make the home feel more welcome. Not only does the place smell great but Scentsy warmers are beautifully designed.

Have a vacant home you are showing? Scentsy room sprays can help ‘freshen’ that empty house. Arrive before your potential clients do and give each room a quick spray before they get there. The customer may be viewing several homes that day but yours will smell amazing therefore making YOUR home stand out in their mind at the end of the day.

Another way Scentsy can help form a relationship with your buyer is by using our car candles. As your potential client leaves GIVE them a car candle and thank them for taking the time to come look at your real estate. Not only do they smell great but is a cost effective gift to give and they will think of you every time they get in their car and it smells fantastic! Labels can be affixed to the packaging so think of it as another form of a business card! When their friends ask where they got the car candle from your name will be the one they give! Tada…another potential client.

Scentsy can help in one of two ways. The first way is I become your Independent Scentsy Consultant and you order everything from me. I place the order with Scentsy and deliver it to you when the package arrives. Whenever you need flyers and things of that nature I can help you in that department as well. The only out of cost price this way is the cost of the Scentsy products, I do not require ANY commission from you. When your client is ready to reorder is when I take over, they contact me directly or go to my website to place their order. 

The second way Scentsy can help you is if you become an independent consultant yourself. By doing so you would ‘join my team’ and have access to Scentsy 24/7. Not only will you be able to give Scentsy as a gift item but when your home buyers need refills they can COME TO YOU DIRECTLY or order from your Scentsy web page! The cost is only $99 (plus shipping and tax)* and you get everything you need. You receive catalogs, order forms, all 80+ scents in convenient testers, access to a personal website and tons of information on running a successful Scentsy business. You will also have access to the website that offers all sorts of Scentsy branding items and merchandise. Did I mention everything you sell from your Scentsy business you also make a commission on?

Either way it is a ‘win-win’ situation on both our ends and your new home buyer has a brand new house that smells amazing!  I am very excited to share this product with you and I am available for questions at ANY time! Whether you want to work together or join my team Scentsy can help improve our client base tremendously! I have all the scents at my home if you would like to meet to smell them. Also I have included some literature for you to look over to tell you a little more about Scentsy and their products!

Hope you have a fantastic day and I look forward to talking to you very soon!

D'Avia Newman
Scentsy Consultant
Toll Free: 1.866.739.8411

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