Thursday, October 27, 2011

"A Letter From A Soldier"

"A Letter From A Soldier"
Author: Jared Batchelor

I fight for you everyday
For your safety and freedom far, far away
Everyday I fear that it may be my last
Looking at what was important to me in the past

I choose this life, to fight
For your freedom, your eternal right
It gets lonely out in this far distant land
I have nothing but my gun and boots full of sand

I pray to Jesus each and every night
That he may shield me from this next fight
I live each day with fear of death
I never know when it will be my last breath

"Lets Move Out" says my captain
Always worried about what will happen
I get my gear and my gun
I ask myself "How much more, before this is done?"

Bullets and RPG's zooming past my head
I cant help but fear soon I will be dead
Each and every second of life i cherish
Because I never know when I will perish

A sound of gun shots all around
Bodies of young soldiers is all to be found
Bombs shattering the buildings apart
Mirror the pieces that are also my heart

Every dying soldier causes me to tremble
All the soldiers will start to assemble
The greatest gift I can give
Is to lay down my life so someone else may live

All those young men who did not come home
Also left their family and children all alone
I'm here safe and sound
Now with my family on my own ground

I pray for my fellow soldiers everyday
I ask the lord to reward them for what they had to pay
Show mercy to all those who fell
"lord, they have served their time in hell"

I write this letter to you and to all
To tell you about myself and those who answered the call
Together we will get it done, we America....
Are an army of one.

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